Yerba Mate

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  • Based in Sebastopol and Venice, California, Guayakí [Gwy-uh-kee] is the leader in yerba mate [yer-bah ma-tay] beverages. As a certified B Corp and registered Social Purpose Corporation, Guayakí’s regenerative business model aspires to create a net positive impact in the world throughout its operations and supply web, starting at the source. That’s why Guayakí sources shade-grown, certified regenerative, organic, and fair trade mate that helps conserve and restore the Atlantic Forest in South America. Guayakí works closely with smallholder and Indigenous producers to implement its high environmental and social impact standards and invest in community-driven projects. Guayakí products are available at more than 45,000 stores across the US and Canada. More information about retail locations and products can be found online at ­