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Welcome to Seattle Dirty Dog Hot Dogs the best hot dogs in Seattle! My name is Binyam Wolde and I am the owner of Dirty Dog hot dog stand. I started my business in 2010 and since its inception, I have served at hundreds of sporting, arts, and entertainment events in the King County area. I grew my business from scratch and its success is founded upon hard work, dedication, and a reputation built upon quality, integrity, and friendliness. I came to Seattle at the age of sixteen from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and struggled through the education system while trying to learn the English language. The perseverance it took to graduate high school in a new country taught me the dedication needed to succeed in this country. It also taught me that I could do anything that I put my mind to, which is why in 2010 I purchased a hot dog cart and decided to start my own business. My interest in cooking and business came from growing up and watching my grandmother cook every day in Addis Ababa and run a small business by herself. She is my inspiration. I believe my business has the spirit, integrity, quality, and ingenuity to serve the people of Seattle well.