Cascade Music Collective takes accessibility to heart. We firmly believe that every guest deserves the best experience possible and have made great strides on improving the Marymoor Park concert experience for our guests with ADA / Accessibility needs.

ADA / Accessibility Tickets

Anyone wanting to attend a concert at Marymoor Live requires a ticket. We do not sell specific ticket types for ADA / Accessibility accommodations; all guests must purchase a regular concert ticket (including companions).

Marymoor Live does not accept accommodation reservations in advance of a show. All ADA / Accessibility accommodation requests are handled on-site, day of show.  Additionally, guests are not required to have a doctor's note for ADA / Accessibility accommodations.

ADA / Accessibility Parking

Marymoor Live has expanded our ADA parking options capacity. Our ADA Accessible Parking Lot is located directly across from the Marymoor Live Box Office.

For the exact location, you can review our Parking Map here.

  • Please note, parking fees do apply for ADA and non-ADA parking.
  • All parking at Marymoor Live is managed and operated by King County Parks.
  • King County Parks allows our guests the right to access the ADA Parking area, even without a government issued blue or red placard.

ADA / Accessibility Window at the Box Office & Entry

There is an ADA / Accessibility specific service window (with wheelchair ramp) at the Marymoor Live Box Office. We have also improved the entry pathway for increased accessibility in inclement weather and have a paved path from main gates to the center of the concert venue (which is where our ADA viewing platform has been added). In terms of restrooms, we have doubled the amount of ADA restrooms from previous years.

You can review our Venue Map here if you are unsure how to find the ADA entry gate.

ADA / Accessibility Entry Gate

ADA / Accessibility guests have priority access at main gates from the ADA parking lots on paved pathways. Our exclusive ADA entry gate is just to the right, if facing the Box Office. Guests who need ADA / Accessibility accommodations can enter through this ADA entry gate with one (1) companion. Additional guests are required to enter through regular security lines. This is to reduce wait time for other ADA guests at that entry point.

ADA / Accessibility Guest Relations Team

Marymoor Live is staffed with a Guest Relations team at the ADA gate. They are equipped to handle all ADA / Accessibility needs. Upon arrival at the ADA gate, guests can request an escort to the ADA seating areas. Our Guest Relations team is there to assist, regardless of the type of tickets you purchased (GA or Reserved).

ADA / Accessibility Viewing Areas - GA Tickets

Marymoor Live has added an ADA viewing riser, adjacent to the sound booth (facing the stage) to provide a top quality sound and light experience for guests.

Note: We only allow one (1) companion to sit with an ADA guest on the riser. The goal is to prioritize the comfort and guest experience for ADA / Accessibility guests. Our Guest Relations team will escort guests to the riser if there's availability. If the ADA viewing riser is full, we will provide an overflow viewing area, generally up front, to the left of (if facing) the stage. Our Guest Relations team will assist in getting you to the overflow ADA viewing area.

ADA / Accessibility Viewing Areas - Reserved / Seated Tickets

Those persons who purchased reserved seats (on shows where reserved seating is available), will have an assigned seat in a specific section / row / seat. Guests who are unable to sit in their purchased seat, will be reassigned a non-manifest seat at the end of the assigned row.  This location would generally be to the far left of the row they purchase (if facing the stage). This would apply to wheelchairs as well. Our guest relations team will assist you in getting to the reserved seating area.

Chairs for ADA / Accessibility Guests

Due to space limitations, those ADA guests who are not utilizing their own wheelchair should refrain from bringing their own low-back chairs to the venue. Marymoor Live will provide venue chairs for ADA guests. ADA / Accessibility guests who want to use their own personal chairs will not be seated in ADA viewing sections. Those personal chairs are considered standard personal items that we allow in venue General Admission seating areas, and must comply with venue policy for chair sizing (seats no higher than 12+ from the ground, and backs no higher than 28" from the ground).

Parking Map available here

Venue Map available here

Still need additional information?

Here are some links to additional information about Getting Here, Getting In, and our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) pages. Additional Questions about ADA / Accessibility? Email us here.